Rebecca writes about food and recipe develops as a freelancer and staff member. See the video page for more recipe development. For some of her favorite pieces, read on:

Extra Crispy
How to Make Cookies From Leftover Oatmeal
Adventures in Cooking with Camel Hump Fat
Unsalted Butter vs Salted Butter: Is One Better for Cooking?
Funfetti Throwdown: Christina Tosi vs. Molly Yeh
Make Fake Maple Syrup and Thwart Any Shortages
Brioche Stuffing-Baked Eggs
Turkey, Apple, and Sage Breakfast Sausage
Hard Apple Cider Punch
Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Pudding Cups

other food stories
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Name the Artwork: A Pop Quiz in Famous Food Paintings

Tasting Table
Everything You Need to Know About Bay Leaves
Everything You Need to Know About Paprika
Everything You Need to Know About "Real" Cinnamon
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How to Cook with Coriander Seed
So, Where Did Boxed Cake Mix Actually Come From?
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‘The Photographer's Cookbook’ Review
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8 Cooking Mistakes You're Making on a Stovetop
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The Secret to Hosting a Dinner Party That Won’t Turn You Into a Stress Case
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How to Stock a Bar Cart (and Drink) on a Budget 
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Popsugar Food
Quinoatmeal: Hard to Say, Amazing to Eat
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How to Make Homemade Cocktail Bitters + Low-Intensity Bitters Cocktail
No Gluten Needed For These Oat-Based Blender Pancakes
We Bet You Already Have the 5 Ingredients For These Sweet Potato Tots
Try This Ravioli Hack for Valentine’s Day (Roasted Beet Ravioli)

The Nosher
Hamantaschen Jello Shots
Manischewitz Pasta
Thanksgiving Tzimmes
Olive Oil, Almond and Candied Ginger Mandelbrot